Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who am I?

Living in my very own house has changed me. Completely. For those of you who knew me in my pre-my-own-house stage, I was a messy person. Quite messy actually. I have morphed into my mother and sister upon stepping foot in the door and arranging all the furniture. I clean everyday. I do dishes at least twice a day. I make the bed every morning. I barely recognize my self after a wonderful cleaning session. What have I become? I used to make fun of my mom for over cleaning when company was going to come over, but when I found out yesterday afternoon that Kevin's friend might be coming first I was upset that he didn't tell me earlier and give me enough time to clean well, then I spent all afternoon cleaning. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, the works. I felt great when I lit the candles and sat back on my couch with a clean, great-smelling apartment.

Who am I?

In other news...

I love it here!! I've been on the subway and the bus all by myself and I didn't get lost!!! I am very proud of my self. I went to Times Square and had a piece of cheescake from Junior's (the best). I even brought Kevin home a piece, I'm a great wife. I've cooked every night, except one when me and Kevin went out. I love walking to the grocery store in like 4 seconds instead of a 30 minute car ride. Everything I need is here where I live and takes barely any effort to walk to. It's awesome.


Guilty Secret said...

Aw, it's great to hear that it's going so well. Why doesn't he cook for you too, though?

Shannon said...

YES, arguably my number one love about the city is that I don't need a car. I felt isolated at first but after a while you'll start to get snobby, like "well why would I want to leave the city anyway?"