Friday, December 5, 2008


Yay! It's December!! December is my very favorite month for a few very good reasons:

1. My birthday is this month! 12-20 baby!! I share my birthday with my new sister-in-law and my great-grandmother who is turning 97 this year! My birthday is very special because I'm pretty awesome.

2. It has cold weather. I'm a cold freak. I'm usually hot and never get cool enough. I make Kevin open the windows at night and I have them open all day. I love dressing up in cute hats and scarves and gloves an cute winter clothes. I love the cold. I'd rather wrap up in a blanket from being cold then strip to nothing cause I'm too hot. I used to want to live in Alaska for realz.

3. Hot apple cider. YUMMMM Since It's close to a bunch of seasons, it just feels right drinking warm apple cider in December. So far, I've made about 10 crock pots of hot apple cider. I am addicted. I add some cinnamon sticks, a few apple slices, a few orange slices and OMG, it is so good. In fact, I have a batch heating up right now.

4. Christmas. Duh! I love the decorations, the smells, the lights, the music, just everything about Christmas. Everyone usually seems in a better mood (usually). Cute, good movies come on TV all the time. Christmas baking is usually the best. I love Christmas cookies, and making them.

5. This December my mommy is coming to visit me for a week!!!! YAYYYY!!!!!!! I really do miss my family. I wish she was bringing my dad, sizzle, and the kids, but seeing my mom will be really cool. She can see how cute my apartment is and how clean I keep it! I really want to get her some take out from this Italian place me & Kevin love. I know she'll like their mozzerella sticks and they have the best marinara sauce. The Monday after Christmas! Yay!!!

So this is going to be a fun month. Oh yeah, and at the end of the month is New Years. What a fun month!!!!!!!

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