Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving was great! All the food was delicious. I had a great time. Kevin says I looked sad sometimes and I was a lil - this is the first Thanksgiving I've celebrated without my mom & dad and sizzle. Kinda sad. But I had a whole new family to share it with and that was cool.
Kevin called on Friday, inquiring about more delicious turkey. They ate it all! No more turkey!?!? So what did superwife do? I ran to the grocery store, picked up a turkey, stuffing fixings, & other odds & ends and I made our own turkey. Nope, I had never made one before. I watch food network ALL the time, so how hard could it be, right? Right... I made a 14 pound turkey that turned out moist and yummmmy. I made some of the best stuffing I've ever had, and I made homemade cranberry sauce. That week on the food network, I kept seeing this "Thanksgiving sandwich" and I've been dying to try one ever since. Luckily I made all the right things. I ate 3 of those yummy sandwiches. For those of you wondering, this is a "Thanksgiving sandwich":

1. 2 pieces of whatever bread
2. turkey
3. stuffing
4. cranberry sauce

pile all together one on top of the other, smush together and eat!

This was just as delicious as it looked. And now we have a whole turkey sitting in the fridge for our enjoyment. We do need some more pie, though. My apple pie turned out WONDERFUL. I make really good homemade pie crust, which surprises even me.

Stay tuned for turkey leftover recipes...hahahahahaha


Inspired Kara said...

Can I have your pie crust recipe!?

Sarah said...

I'm so sick of Turkey reading about Turkey makes me sick. I can't believe you made another one on Friday!