Monday, August 25, 2008

Bridal Luncheon and MORE!

That's my boquet! My wonderful Aunt Jodi made it. I LOVE it. The bridesmaids are smaller and wil look wonderful up next to the navy/dark blue. So...the Friday before the luncheon my aunt is throwing me a bridal luncheon. Woo hoo! And I have a GREAT idea, considering there will be about 7 little girls there. This company will let you have a Disney Princess of your choice show up to an event and wish you whatever, crown you princess and give you a dozen roses and do pictures. So I thought that would be AWESOME if Cinderella showed up at the Luncheon! All the girls would pee their pants. I'm uber excited. And I get roses and a crown...shiiiiit.
Kevin will be here on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! Then the wedding is almost here!! I'm almost married! I'm almost in NYC!! Oh my!! We met with the caterer and everything looks and sound GREAT so far!! Yay!! I'm just ready to be done with this! :) Oh and is you can't see that 12 to the left, sorry, you're color blind. I think...

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Guilty Secret said...

Gorgeous bouquet! And your excitement is palpable!