Saturday, August 9, 2008

I love my hair.

As of today there are 28 days left. Only 27 more "wake-ups" And even less till I see Kevin. This is going to be a great month! Yesterday my friend Amanda that I've known since 11th grade (my other sister - she looks A LOT like me...) cut my hair and did my high lights. They look spectacular! I remember I let her cut my hair before she really knew how. And she died it before she went to beauty school. I let her do whatever she wants to me hair. Always have, always will. It ALWAYS turns out wonderful, so I trust her completely. She is the best. My hair looks especially gorgeous this time. I've just been in an especially great mood lately...not sure why. But, why ask why? Just roll with it! Kevin's getting our air conditioner today! Yay for cool air. I'm glad he's been working so much, I'm not sure how he'd last in the apartment with no AC. I'd be extra worried ( i already worry too much about him) about him. Also, notice how you can see the weight loss in my face between the top picture and the more recent bottom picture!! Awesome!!

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Guilty Secret said...

You *can* see the weight loss. Well done, you! And your hair looks great :)