Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I ordered my awesome magnets about 5 minutes ago. Woo hoo for cool magnet favors that will hopefully get people that come to my wedding to write me once in a while. Here's hoping!! Kevin says he hasn't been acting special, just like himself, that he loves me. Super sweet! He makes me want to eat some S'Mores...which I will do. I've reorganized my 2 bins FULL of wedding stuff. One of reception stuff and one of kids table stuff. I don't know how good of a time the adults will have, but the kids will have a blast fo sho. My room is almost clean & packed. My dream of packing everything and living out of a suitcase fir the next 53 days is almost a reality!!! I can't wait!! The kids (Gabby & Parker) are coming tomorrow to stay till Friday and after they're gone, I will pack up everything!!!! Yay for Friday/Saturday. Oh! I forgot to mention Gabby's reaction to the pillow I made her for her birthday. She loved it, despite how sad it looked! Jen, her mom, said that that night she was going to bed and hugging the pillow. She took a big whiff and sighed, "It smells like Sissy."
Very cute. I have it now from last time she stayed with me so it will smell like me again. I asked her what I smelled like. She look at me and said, "sissy." with this 'DUH' look on her face. I'm very glad she liked it. makes me happy that she'll have that after I'm in New York.

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