Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rehearsal Rehearsal Rehearsal Rehearsal

I got some super cute jewelry to go with my wedding rehearsal dress. My dress is black halter style and I got hot pink necklace, bracelet, earrings, and purse to go with. How cute will that be? Very cute. I'm excited about our rehearsal dinner. Kevin picked out Great Wall of China Buffet. Yay! They have all types of food, sushi bar, and a Mongolian BBQ. My favorite part is the hand-dipped ice-cream. They have the BEST flavor.

Birthday Party:
Throw yourself a party year-round! Streamers of creamy blue frosting swirls and sequin candy confetti decorate a delectable white-cake flavored ice cream. It's a party in itself, no matter what the occasion.

Why thank-you, I WILL throw myself a party! fo sho. SOOOSOOOSOOOOOSOOOOOOOSOOOOOOSOOOOSOOO Good, you have no idea. Everything about this buffet is the coolest. My mom keeps suggesting other places, she thinks it's weird to have the rehearsal dinner at a buffet? They have a back room that's kinda private. I think it will be wonderful. And their actual Chinese food is quite delectable as well.


Guilty Secret said...

That *does* sound cute.

Hmmm, we need to decide what to do the night before the wedding as we don't need a rehearsal.... and the day after for that matter... hmmm...

Sarah said...

I can understand your mom's hesitation. It's hard for some people to break away from tradition. It sounds like it's a place you all enjoy which is what's important.