Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That's the way the cupcake gets frosted...

That's the pink strainer, measuring items, and I forgot the pink mixing spoons my sizzle got me. Oh and it really doesn't matter what Kevin thinks, haha. I mean, I would love for him to warm up to the cupcake kitchen idea, but I've already bought most of the stuff for the kitchen and cupcake kitchen is just how it's going to be *insert me holding my hands up and shrugging* Oh well!

So last trip to New York, What I refer to as "My Last New York Vacation", Kevin bought a new video game that I quickly became obsessed with. By obsessed I mean Kevin would leave me for work and I'd be playing the game. He'd come home and I would be in the same spot, staring intently at the game, still playing intensely. Like a wonderful loving boyfriend, he let me take this PlayStation 2 game home, knowing that I did not have a PlayStation 2.
"But!" I had begged, "My sizzle does! I'm over there all the time!"Puhleeese!!!"
He allowed me to take *our* game home with me as long as I promised to never let it leave my sight. :"YES!!" I had cried joyously.
What was this horribly addicting game you ask? MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game rocks my socks. Last night I went over to my sizzle's house to play. We love virtually kicking each others ass.

We hadn't been playing very long (i.e.: I hadn't been kicking their butts that long) when I looked down and saw this: A blood blister on my thumb that didn't start hurting till after I noticed it...Man, I love playing this game. It might just look like I'm smashing buttons crazy randomly, but for the most part, I actually know what I'm doing. I spent all day while Kevin was at work practicing my craft.

Now a lot of people ask me who's my favorite character. I pick the girls a lot.Felicia is a girl I use a lot. She's quite skanky looking, but she'll totally scratch your eyes out. One of the male I use all the time is Blackheart. He spits out naked mole rat thingys that suck your face. He's pretty cool. I'm pretty sure this is the character that gave my niece Gabby nightmares. Oh, did I mention my niece loves this game? Wants me to bring it over every time I come over? She loves it. Have any of you played this game? Do you have a PlayStation 2? I can come over to your house and play! Hahahaha! Yeah, I love this game. And I'm really not a fan of video games in general. [while you're picking characters this chick sings "I wanna take you for a ride" and for the longest time Sizzle thought it sang "Jesus is alive"]

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Blablover5 said...

Ooh blackheart. We play the Marvel Alliance game all the time. I always kick ass as Ghost Rider and occasionally Spider-Man.