Saturday, June 21, 2008

At last....sort of

I mailed out my wedding invitations yesterday.

I wanted to do it a few weeks ago cause I wanted to make sure people could make time in their schedules to come. Then I wanted to wait a few more weeks because I didn't want people to forget. So I decided just to get it over with. Now I'm excited about getting the response cards back.

On another note. Kevin and his tuxedo are really starting to piss me off. Oh wait, they've already pissed me off. I had a deal thingy where he would get a free tux rental. At first, he wanted to get his in New York cause our tux place didn't have anything fly enough for him. Fine, all well and good, do whatever you want. So I would just remind him every so often to go talk about renting his tux, cause he has to see how much it is and let them know he needs it a week before and after the wedding and find out if and how much extra that would be.

Now he's saying he'll just take the free tux. WHAT?! We already told my dad he could have the free one, or we split it up between my nephews so my sister wouldn't be paying out the ass for her 4 children to be in my wedding, I can't remember.

So now all of the sudden he decides he'll just take the free one?? That's not fair! And all he'd have to do now is go get measured, and he won't even do that shit. And he won't talk about it. I also wanted all the little boys just to have nice black pants and white shirts and a navy colored tie in the wedding, Kevin refused, he didn't want any of that. I'm seriously just done with all this wedding shit. All I know is Kevin better have a tuxedo to wear at the wedding.

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Blablover5 said...

Congrats on getting your invites out (we still have a long long way to go).

Good luck with the tux, my Dad is suddenly dragging his feet on picking one out. Sometimes all I can do is roll my eyes and think "boys."