Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am horrible at making coffee. I don't drink it everyday and usually only drink one or two glasses when I make it, but that's probably because I make either WAY too strong or don't put enough coffee in the filter making it smell and taste burnt. I can't figure out the ratio of amount of coffee to the amount of water. I'm tempted just to use the amount of water it takes to fill one coffee mug to make coffee when I move to NYC, cause my momma won't be there to make it for me! haha. And Kevin doesn't drink coffee. I have to learn how to make it well, cause I'm not paying $5 for a decent cup of coffee when I feel like having coffee. McDonald's coffee isn't too much but their coffee is gross. So my mother is going to have to show me the correct coffee making way. I can see myself now...In NYC, making my first pot of coffee, it turning out badly, as usual: cue me breaking down and sobbing for awhile cause I can't even make a pot of coffee without my mom to help me. Not a pretty picture. Like Kevin says: I'm a sap.

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Mona Maynard said...

Your DAD showed me how to make coffee! You should have him teach you!