Friday, June 27, 2008

Open it and other random bits

I live in country. At night, my hallway is dark. When I get up to go to the bathroom, I rarely turn the light on so I don't burn my eyes. Either my mother or my father ALWAYS shuts the bathroom door after they use the restroom. Every time I go to the bathroom, BAM!, I run straight smack into the door. You'd think by like the 3rd or 4th time, I'd learn, right? Nope. I run into that door every time I get up at night. Every time!

Tomorrow is Eric's "Welcome home from your 13 month deployment" party. His parents are going all out. They even invited the UPS man. And Eric is coming into the party in a fire department driven hummer. His parents are making a HUGE deal out of this. They are so proud of their son! I'm making a cake. I wonder how many people are going to be there. I wonder if there will be good parking...

Kevin is having a party tonight at our house. He says it isn't a party but there's more than 3 people there, that's totally a party. I asked him what time they might be leaving, he said not till the morning. That's a party. I really don't care, just admit that you're having a party! As long as no girls are involved, I'm good.

My mom and I sold some gold today. We had a bunch of broken chains and random earrings. My mom said she felt like a hoosier. I did not. At all. I felt fine after that guy handed us a $142.59 check. I'm broke.

Jen and Eric had dinner tonight and I was there, along with the Flamms. Amanda had asked me to hand her a beer, Eric was in the fridge so I asked him to hand me one. He did and I said, "Thanks babe." Babe? Since when did I start calling my bro-in-law babe? A K W A R D. So I laughed and quickly said, "Oh I mean bro." Too late he heard the babe. Awkward.

And now I'm sleepy and need to interrupt Kevin's party to talk to him. Night!

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