Friday, June 27, 2008

fo shizzle, sizzle

Me and my sizzle have a great relationship. We are hilarious. But, if we try to bring anyone else into our sizzle circle, they just think we're weird. Usually when we are together and our husband/fiancee are around, they just sit there and look at each other, knowing they're in the same boat as the other. Settled with a crazy girl.
Although, a lot of times, me or my sizzle will start saying something and suddenly everyone around us is saying it. Some of these words are:
1. hubby [my sister says this, i hate this word
2. Gina [as vagina, without the va]
3. vag
4. fo sho
5. busta

Okay, so the list isn't that long. But we like coming up with sayings that no one else around us is saying. We're just that cool I guess?

My mom thinks we're funny. So does your mom...

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