Friday, January 23, 2009

P*A*D*-Day 15-clean sheets

I did ALL this laundry yesterday. It was ok to get it to the laundry mat but was extremely difficult getting it back home. I washed all my jeans and every sheet, blanket, and comforter that we own. So sleeping in soft clean sheets was wonderful. Kevin has this habit of eating in the bed. Eating EVERYTHING in the bed. I dislike it SO much cause he always seems to get crumbs and junk in the bed and leave the dirty dishes in our room for ME to clean up. It is very frustrating. I need some 2000 thread count sheets. That would be great . We also need a new bed frame, ours is busted badly. I step on the broken pieces of our bed all the time and that is not cool.

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Sarah said...

You should go to the ikea in Brooklyn, there furniture is decently priced. You could get a bed frame there for like $100-$150 depending on size.