Friday, January 9, 2009

The Bagel Joke

In the mornings, I usually make Kevin a bagel for breakfast because I like him to eat breakfast and he's usually too busy to think of that stuff. And cause I love him the most. So this morning was no different! After I got done putting the butter & cream cheeses on the blueberry bagel, it just looked so very good. So, I took a bite. I walked back to the bedroom.
"Honey! I don't know what kind of people make these bagels, but this one has a huge bite taken out of it. That's so weird!" I exclaimed as I walked in. Kevin turned around and looked at me with this disgusted look on his face. I figured he would just know I took the bite. He thought I was serious. Even after he looked at the bagel. It was so funny. Why would I make and bring him a bagel with a bite taken out of it?? Very funny morning. Have any of you played silly jokes on your significant others or even anyone in your families?

**Side Note**I bought my plane ticket for my 2.3 week trip to STL. FUN!


Shannon said...

I love the new design and the daily pics!!

Blablover5 said...

He he he, boys are so silly.