Tuesday, January 13, 2009

P*A*D*-Day 6 No babies just yet please, but if I was, I'd keep it!

A few weeks over due, I got my 3rd Depo shot. Depo is one of the few birth controls that I can take. I'm not 100% sure that I am not pregnant, but the lady said to check in 2 weeks and that the shot wouldn't hurt the baby if I happened to be pregnant. She kept insinuating that I wouldn't want to keep the baby and offered the morning after pill a few times. I was getting annoyed. No, lady! If I am preggo, me & my husband would love to keep the baby. I said that more than once. Oh, the picture. That's where I got the shot. There used to be a band aid on it, but I guess it fell off? It hurts more than any other shot I've had and the area is sore [really sore] for a few days. I got it on my left arm because when we sleep, my right arm constantly gets bumped by Kevin and it hurts.


Shannon said...

I had a doc assume I would get an abortion if I were pregnant, I was like nobody's even asking you, lady. Then she gave me some pills that made me barf all the time and I wrote a letter of complaint and changed doctors, the end.

Sarah said...

Oh my... I really can't stand children. If I'm even a day late I start freaking out. You are so calm and rational.