Saturday, January 17, 2009

P*A*D*-Day 9- It's a noisy day in the neighborhood

This is the view outside my living room window and bedroom. We live right above the parking lot. This is extremely annoying. All day long, car alarms go off, people honk, people are yelling. The trash man comes here to this spot at like 7 in the morning and is SO loud. He always wakes Kevin & I up. And people who come to pick someone up just sit in the parking lot and honk. And honk, and honk, and honk...oh it drives me insane. I'm pretty positive that an alarm was going off when I took this picture [that's what made me think of taking one...]

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Sarah said...

You fixed the date on your photos!!! WOOOHOO :)

You're so lucky to have parking at your building. Ours is underground and more expensive than a car payment!