Monday, January 26, 2009

P*A*D*-Day 18-Romantical Dinner

Kevin was hiding from me so I took a picture of him hiding. I found it funny. Tonight I am making him a Valentine's Day dinner since I will be in St. Louis for Valentines Day. I even got him some cute lil gifts. He has no idea that it's for V-Day, so I hope he will be surprised. I even made some fun-fetti V-Day cupcakes. I also got Parker & Gabby some V-Day presents and My sizzle's soon to be born Emalynn some cute baby shower clothes. I wrapped them in the cutest cupcake wrapping paper I got from Gabby's school fundraiser. It is the BEST wrapping paper ever - and it is reversable so Parker's present has more manly stripes on it instead of cupcakes hahaha.

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