Saturday, January 10, 2009

P*A*D*-Day 3 Laundry Day.

We had no towels left. So today, I got to do laundry! Yay? When I do laundry I get very bored. I would just sit there and watch T.V., except it is usually on the Spanish channel and I don't speak Spanish. So, I've started bringing my GIANT book of sudoku my sis gave me last year. I like doing Sudoku and it makes the time by really fast. Most of the huge book is filled up. I really like playing Sudoku. Kevin went to his JiuJitsu class today and brought his outfit down to be washed and dried before his next class. The towels were drying and we started to get bored so we started thinking up games to play to pass the time & so Kevin wouldn't leave me all alone in the laundry mat.

First, we played the dollah dollah bill game. One person thinks of a number, 1-10 and the other person tries to guess what it is. If they guess wrong, the roles are switched. BUT, if they guess right, they are owed a dollar. It takes a certain amount of trust in the other person that they won't switch the number if you are right and I don't think anyone has paid up since me & my sizzle made the game up.
After that [Kevin quit when he was $3 ahead so he didn't wind up a loser] we played slaps, but Kevin slaps WAYY too hard! My hand looked like someone gave it a rasberry and it hurt. Then we went on to THUMB WRESTLING! And I won!! And, as you can see from the picture, Kevin LOOOSSSTT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Shannon said...

I love the pic of you!! But Kevin looks so sad :(